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Local Farmers Markets
Farm to Fork Freshness & Community

Producer Spotlight

Braselton Business

Join us on a tour of location as we discuss





and share a couple of their favorite recipes.


Reconnecting People with Their Food

Know your local producers & farming traditions

Unlike a large corporate operation, a small farm growing produce for the Farmers Market contains

  • Diverse crops

  • Seasonal produce

  • Heirloom varieties

  • Free-range livestock

  • Richer soil and environmental ecology

Picked When Ripe

A local supply of fresh food

Unlike produce at a large retailer, Farmers Market produce is picked when ripe and contains

  • More flavor

  • More nutrients

  • Fewer preservatives

  • Less packaging

  • Smaller transport carbon footprint

Incubates Small Business

More per dollar to producers

90 cents out of every dollar spent at a Farmers Market goes to the seller versus 7.4 cents at a large retailer.*
That 90 cents supports

  • Local small businesses & their families

  • Local farmhands

  • Our community

  • Continued agribusiness in Georgia

*USDA Economic Research Service. (2022, November 17). Food Dollar Series, Quick Facts.


Promoting Community

Make fresh food a part of the social calendar

Families and friends visit the Farmers Market together, making fresh food a part of their social calendar. At Braselton’s Friday afternoon market, the community can

  • Shop with neighbors and family

  • Shop and dine at other small businesses

  • See cooking and gardening demos

  • Participate in seasonal activities

2023_Farmers Market_Walker Works Bread 2_Jonathan Phillips Photography_600.jpg

Brought to you by the Town of Braselton, farmers and bakers gather on the Braselton Town Green in Historic Downtown Braselton to sell their locally grown produce, farm fresh eggs and meat, and baked and canned goods.

The Braselton Farmers Market is a true local farmers market, only accepting vendors selling food items they have grown or made. You won’t find crafts or other non-edible products, and no reselling by vendors is allowed.

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