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Photo of an open Geocache

Get out. Get active.
And discover hidden treasures around Braselton.
Geocaching is an anytime, any day adventure. And don’t forget to bring some sweet swag to trade. Join the world’s largest treasure hunt, collect Pokémon, or battle local wizards.

Logo for Geocaching in Jackson County

Explore local history by hunting 30+ geocaches on the Jackson County Heritage GeoTrail and the Jackson County Agritourism GeoTrail on Originally launched in 2014, the wildly popular Heritage Trail boasts over 18,000 finds and 5,500 favorite points! The new Agritourism GeoTrail launched in 2021 with unique gadget caches and the first-ever GPS Adventures Maze exhibit in Georgia.

Graphic of a phone with geocaching locations around Braselton on the screen

Find your mobile adventures here with Pokémon Go, Pikmin Bloom or Peridot, and other augmented reality games.

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