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If excitement wells up in your chest when you hear the roar of an engine and your heart skips a beat with the wave of a checkered flag, schedule your next getaway to an unlikely location that’s all about speed—Braselton, GA. Braselton has opportunities from witnessing world-class sports car races, to getting behind the wheel, to drooling over classic cars. Michelin Raceway’s Road Atlanta was recently named one of Car and Driver’s 6 best road racing courses in the country, thanks to its elevation changes, blind corners, and distinct personality. It’s situated on 750-acres in Braselton, for family-fun that goes beyond racing. Just across the road sits the Lanier Raceplex, one of the country’s most challenging outdoor race-kart experiences on the site of a former national racetrack. With all this racing legacy, it’s no surprise that YearOne Muscle Cars calls Braselton home, where they build classic muscle cars and sell specialty parts. They host the monthly ‘Braselton Bash’ Car Show, which always brings out the finest cars around. Finish off your celebration of motorsports with a visit to the Panoz Museum on the grounds of the Panoz production facility. Check out some of the world’s most famous race cars past and present, known for their European style with an American attitude.

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